A Wand's main use is for applying spells to it. There are three different kinds of wands a player can buy, but can only be bought from the Fantasy Room or from other players. Wands are not able to be stored into a player's Ender Chest.


Three wands are available to be bought from the Fantasy Room, each with a different number of slots that can be put on it. Left click to use the spell on the wand and right click to select the spell.

Apprentice Wand


  • 100 Essence
  • 2,500 Treasure
  • Requires Fantasy Room I

1 Spell Slot

Expert Wand


  • 200 Essence
  • 2,500 Treasure
  • Requires Fantasy Room II

2 Spell Slots

Master Wand


  • 300 Essence
  • 3,500 Treasure
  • Requires Fantasy Room III

4 Spell Slots

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