The sidebar is a bar displayed on the side of a player's screen. It cycles through all the current sidebars by default but a player can lock it by selecting one of the sidebars or by typing in "/sb lock". You can view all sidebars with "/sidebar" or by using the alias "/sb". Sidebars show the player information and certain ones can be selected by typing "/sb (sidebar)".



/sb kingdom

Shows kingdom information like players on your kingdom online, homes on that side, current Phase, time left in a phase, and kingdom wall status.


/sb warzone

Shows warzone events and information like, current live Parkour or Meteor Shower, current live Dungeon, and time left until next event.


/sb controlpoints

Shows controlpoint info of each point, who controls it, and percent captured.


/sb player

Shows player information such as that player's name, their resource balance, amount of Glory, and kits or booster purchases.


/sb job

Shows information on your current job .


/sb enemy

Shows enemy kingdoms' players information like amount online, homes made on that kingdom, current phase , and time left for that phase.


/sb outpost

Shows what outposts your kingdom has captured, percent constructed for the outpost, and time left until outpost is completed.


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