The Blacksmith is a cottage room that provides more advanced armor and weapons than the Armory. It is possible to buy iron and diamond armor from the Blacksmith.


Level Treasure Timber Essence Time
I 15,000 5,000 0 2 Hours


Tier 1

  • ??? Treasure Iron Helmet
  • ??? Treasure Iron Chesplate
  • ??? Treasure Iron Leggings
  • ??? Treasure Iron Boots
  • ??? Treasure Iron Sword Critical Strike I
  • ??? Treasure Bow Velocity II

Tier 2

  • ??? Treasure Diamond Helmet
  • ??? Treasure Diamond Chestplate
  • ??? Treasure Diamond Leggings
  • ??? Treasure Diamond Boots
  • ??? Treasure Diamond Sword Lightning I, Critical Strike I
  • ??? Treasure Bow Velocity III, Volley I, Explosive I

Tier 3

  • Reduces cost of everything by 50%

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